Monday, June 4, 2012

Emails in France

The magazine article  "Help I cannot send emails when I am in France" continues to assist readers judging by the emails arriving in the Channel France inbox!  

The article was published following the surprising discovery that it was impossible to email from Outlook accounts set up for the UK when in France.  Visitors to the country naturally have not a clue about this and in any case do not pack an IT technician in their suitcase!  Those regularly going backwards and forwards to France have to change their email settings to accommodate this and then back again when they arrive in the UK or Channel Islands. 
The writer below is interested to know of other people's experiences.  Another reader's email, chosen at random from the emails received is also published.

If anyone has any comments - please post them?  

I found your article "Help!!!! I cannot send my Emails when I am in France....." through a Google search, and it sounds precisely like the problem I have just encountered.  I must also add that the same problem applies when going to the web site and trying to see your email account from there.

I will definitely try the 'fix' that your article recommends.  But what interests me is the reason mentioned - the blocking by Orange of port 25 (whatever that may be!) because I spent literally hours on the phone to both Orange in the UK and in France, and in person at the Orange shop where I had bought the ClĂ©3G+ (dongle to us Brits), and not one Orange person gave this answer.  I guessed it had to be something like an access block - and my IT colleagues at work had the same opinion.

I'm not back in France until last week of June and will try the 'fix' then.  So fingers crossed.  If there are any more threads on this topic, where could I see them? 

Kind regards

I just wanted to say thank you for posting the info about on your website when using Microsoft outlooks.  I had been searching for help, and everything I read kept telling me to change the port #; which did not work.  Your solution worked perfectly, and was very understandable.

Thanks again!  Cyn